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The Whistler Family of Pennsylvania in Census Returns

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Census returns were accessed at the Ancestry family history website.

Name   Age   Occupation Birth Place
1850 United States Federal Census – Cool Spring Township, Mercer County,
        Pennsylvania   (webpage: 1850 census Mercer )
Charles Whistler 56   England
Matilda Whistler 21   Ohio
Charles Whistler 16 Apprentice Pennsylvania
1860 United States Federal Census – Jefferson, Mercer County, Pennsylvania  
Charles Whistler 66 Farmer England
Matilda Whistler 30   Pennsylvania  
Sarah Whistler 3   Pennsylvania
Isaac Whistler 8 months Pennsylvania
1860 United States Federal Census – Mercer, Mercer County, Pennsylvania
Chas W Whistler 25 Hotel Keeper Pennsylvania
Mary Whistler 24   Pennsylvania
Edmund Whistler one month Pennsylvania
John A McCandless 27 Co. Supr. C. S.
[a county superior court officer?]
Sarah J McCandless 26   Pennsylvania
Harry W McCandless 3   Pennsylvania
David Boyd 21 Merchant Pennsylvania
James S Porter 21 Merchant Pennsylvania
Charles Foulk 22 Book Keeper Pennsylvania
Samuel Hawley 33 Hostler [stableman] Canada
Nead Stow 26 Bar Keeper Pennsylvania
Margaret Adams 35 Domestic Ohio
Nancy Sizer 24 Domestic Pennsylvania
Sophia Myers 35 Domestic Virginia
Note: The census form stated that Sophia Myers was black.

1870 United States Federal Census – Mercer, Mercer County, Pennsylvania
C W Whistler 35 Hotel Keeper Pennsylvania
Mary E Whistler 33 Landlady Pennsylvania
Edmund Q Whistler 10 Attending School Pennsylvania
Julia F Whistler 8 Attending School Pennsylvania
Charles E Whistler 6   Pennsylvania
Paul G Whistler 9 months Pennsylvania
Maria C Christy 59   Pennsylvania
Amanda Donnelly 24 Chambermaid Pennsylvania
Ella Taylor 17 Waiter Pennsylvania
Lydia Ray 30 Cook Pennsylvania
William McNickle 24 Ostler [stableman] Ireland
J N Pew 21 Insurance & Real Estate Agent Pennsylvania
J P Gordon 25 Recorder Pennsylvania
Henry Roberts 22 Clerk in Dry Good Store Pennsylvania

Name and relation to
Head of household
Age Occupation Birth Place
1880 United States Federal Census – Mercer (North), Mercer County, Pennsylvania
Charles W Whistler   Married 45   Pennsylvania
Mary E Whistler Wife Married 42 Keeping home Pennsylvania
Edmund Q Whistler Son Single 19 Student Pennsylvania
Julia F Whistler Daughter Single 16 At School Pennsylvania
Charles E Whistler Son Single 13 At School Pennsylvania
Paul G Whistler Son Single 10   Pennsylvania
Notes: The same census page shows 16-year-old Tillie [Matilda?] Whistler living with a neighbouring family in the role ‘Helps at housekeeping’. The form noted that Tillie was the sister of Charles William Whistler. It appears that Tillie was the half-sister of Charles and the younger sister of Sarah and Isaac Whistler, who were shown in the 1860 census form.

1900 United States Federal Census – Mercer Town, Mercer County, Pennsylvania
Charles W Whistler Head Married 65   Pennsylvania
Mary E Whistler Wife Married 63   Pennsylvania
Julia Whistler Daughter Single 36   Pennsylvania
Notes: The census form recorded that Charles William Whistler and his wife Mary had been married for 42 years.
1900 United States Federal Census – Ellwood City, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania
Paul G Whistler Head Married 30 Merchant Dry Goods Pennsylvania
Mabel Whistler Wife Married 30   Pennsylvania
Mary Elizabeth Whistler Daughter   3   Pennsylvania
Anna Newton Servant Widow 22 Housework New Jersey
Notes: In the 1900 census Paul’s brother Charles Elliott Whistler, aged 33, was also living in Ellwood City as a lodger. He was single and, like his brother, his occupation was a dry goods merchant.

1910 United States Federal Census – Mercer North Ward, Mercer County, Pennsylvania
Charles W Whistler Head Widower 75   Pennsylvania
Richard J Zahniser Son-in-law Widower 57 Agent, wool buyer Pennsylvania
Jesse Reeker Servant Single 22 Housekeeper Pennsylvania
Notes: Richard Johnson Zahniser’s bride Julia was the daughter of Charles William Whistler.
The next household was recorded on the same census page.
Mabel M Whistler Head Widow 40   Pennsylvania
Mary E Whistler Daughter Single 18   Pennsylvania
Charles W Whistler Jr Son Single 9   Pennsylvania
Notes: Mabel was the widow of Paul Graham Whistler who died of typhoid in 1904. From the 1900 census her daughter Mary would now be aged 13 so it appears that an error may have been made in entering her age on the census form. Charles Elliott Whistler, the uncle of Mary, is shown in the next census return transcribed below.
On 24 September 1920 the New Castle News, Pennsylvania, reported: ‘During the past week there has been an exodus of Mercer young people leaving town to take up their college duties for the year. Charles Whistler [has] left for State college’ (NewspaperARCHIVE.com ).
1910 United States Federal Census – Ellwood City, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania
Charles E Whistler Head Married 43 Dry Goods Merchant Pennsylvania
Ethel M Whistler Wife Married 31   England
Julia M Whistler Daughter   7   California
Grace B Whistler Daughter   4   Pennsylvania
Olive Daniels Servant Single 21 Family Housework Pennsylvania

1900 United States Federal Census – West Mead, Crawford County, Pennsylvania
Isaac Whistler Head Married 40 Farmer Pennsylvania
Helen Whistler Wife Married 41   Pennsylvania
Homer Whistler Son   16 Farm laborer Pennsylvania
Pearl Whistler Daughter   14 at school Pennsylvania
Roy Whistler Son   13 at school Pennsylvania
Hazel Whistler Daughter   8   Pennsylvania
Notes: The appearance is that in the 1860 census Isaac Whistler, a baby, was living with his parents Charles and Matilda Whistler and his sister Sarah. Isaac was not located in the 1870 and 1880 census returns. The 1900 census form recorded that Isaac Whistler’s father was born in England and his mother was born in Pennsylvania. On census day 1900, Isaac Whistler, born Oct 1859, and his wife Helen, born Aug 1858, had been married for 17 years.

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