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The Road to Rotherwick

William Whistler was buried at St Michael’s Church, Basingstoke, on 30 October 1778. His brother John Whistler lived in the village of Rotherwick, a short road journey from Basingstoke (1).

John Whistler’s funeral was recorded in the parish register of Rotherwick on 14 December 1791. His son and namesake married Mary Kernett (also spelled Kernott) in a wedding at nearby Heckfield on 29 April 1793. John and Mary Whistler made their home in Rotherwick where their sons William, John and Charles were baptised in 1794, 1802 and 1808 respectively. Mary’s brother William Kernett remembered his nephews in his will written in 1817 – he left ‘all my books’ to William Whistler, ‘my silver watch’ to John Whistler and ‘all my wearing apparel’ to Charles Whistler (2).

John Whistler, who married Mary Ann Hulford at the parish church of Rotherwick on 14 February 1828, was the third generation named John Whistler to raise a family in Rotherwick.

      The Church at Rotherwick, Hampshire.
  Photograph © Basher Eyre taken 2 Nov 2012, Geograph British Isles

Appendix: The Whistler Family of Rotherwick in Census Returns


        For historical background see Rotherwick , V.C.H. Hampshire, Vol. 4
        (The Victoria History of the Counties of England).

(1) On 3 November 1778 probate administration of the estate of William Whistler of Basingstoke was granted to John Whistler of Rotherwick, yeoman (see Hampshire Record Office online catalogue references: 1778AD/60 and 21M65/D4/1778/41).

(2) Will of William Kernott, Yeoman of Rotherwick, probated 1828.

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