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The Family of Richard Whistler in Census Returns

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Census returns, maintained by The National Archives, can be viewed at the Ancestry family history website.

Name and relation to
Head of household
Age Occupation Birth Place
1861 census – Litchfield [Grange], Ashe, Hampshire     Reference: RG9/712 (folio 160, p. 13)
George Whistler Head Widower 58 Farmer of 660 acres
employing 18 men and 3 boys
Basingstoke, Hampshire
Richard Whistler Son Unmarried 25 Farmer’s Son Basingstoke
Charles Whistler Son Unm 23 Farmer’s Son Basingstoke
Septimus Whistler Son Unm 17 Farmer’s Son Basingstoke
Edward Godden Servant Married 57 Agricultural Labourer Sherfield
Mary Godden Servant Married 43 General Servant Kingsclere
George Godden Servant Unm 18 Agricultural Labourer Sherfield
John Godden Servant   12 Agricultural Labourer Sherfield
1871 census – Winkfield Park Lower Farm, Berkshire     Reference: RG10/1295 (folio 44, p. 24)
Richard Whistler Head Married 35 Farmer of 430 acres
employing 10 men and 4 boys
Basing, Hampshire
Sarah Whistler Wife Married 32   Sherfield, Hampshire
Mary J Whistler Daughter   8   Ashe, Hampshire
Rosa Whistler Daughter   6   Ashe
Annie Whistler Daughter   5   Ashe
Ellen Whistler Daughter   3   Basing
Flora Whistler Daughter   1   Winkfield, Berkshire
Jessie Whistler Daughter   4 months Winkfield
Matthew Baker Head Married 36 Agricultural Labourer Newnham, Hampshire
Mary Baker Wife Married 30 Dairy Woman Wallop, Hampshire
Henry Taylor Lodger   13 Cow Boy Bray, Berkshire
1881 census – Winkfield, Berkshire     Reference: RG11/1319 (folio 54, p. 18)
Richard Whistler Head Married 45 Farmer of 457 acres
employing 9 men and 4 boys
Basing, Hampshire
Sarah Whistler Wife Married 42   Sherfield, Hampshire
Rosa Whistler Daughter Unmarried 16   Ashe, Hampshire
Ellen Whistler Daughter   13   Basing, Hampshire
Flora Whistler Daughter   11   Winkfield, Berkshire
Jessie Whistler Daughter   10   Winkfield
Frank Whistler Son   7   Winkfield
Carrie Whistler Daughter   6   Winkfield
Charles Whistler Son   5   Winkfield
At the time of the 1881 census, Richard and Sarah’s daughter, Annie Whistler, was living in Odiham, Hampshire, with the family of her aunt Mary, the older sister of Sarah, as documented in the census returns below.

The Vines Family in Census Returns

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Census returns, maintained by The National Archives, can be viewed at the Ancestry family history website.

Name Age   Occupation Born in County?
1841 census – Sherfield-on-Loddon, Hampshire     Reference: HO107/386/12 (folio 4, p. 2)
Edward Vines 40 Mealman N
Sarah Vines 31   N
Richard Vines 8   Y
Samuel Vines 6   Y
Mary Ann Vines 5   Y
Sarah Vines 2   Y
Sophia Vines 6 months Y
Mary Ann Mills 17 Ind. [Independent,
living on own means]
Note: On 8 April 1830 the parish register of Reading St Laurence recorded the wedding of ‘Edward Vines, a bachelor of Reading St Mary, and Sarah Mills, a minor of the parish under the age of 21 years with consent of her natural and lawful father Richard Mills’, by licence; witnesses: Richard Mills, Mary Ann Mills, Elizabeth Mills (parish register on CD transcribed by the Berkshire Family History Society).

Name and relation to
Head of household
Age   Occupation Birth Place
1851 census – Sherfield Green, Sherfield-on-Loddon, Hampshire
                            Reference: HO107/1681 (folio 347, p. 36)
Edward Vines Head Widower 51 Mealman & Corn Dealer Tilehurst, Berkshire
Edward Mills Vines Son Unmarried 20   "       " Sherfield, Hampshire
Richard Mills Vines Son Unm 18   "       " Sherfield, Hampshire
Samuel Mills Vines Son Unm 16 Clerk Sherfield, Hampshire
Mary Ann Mills Vines Daughter Unm 15   Sherfield, Hampshire
Alice Mills Vines Daughter   5   Sherfield, Hampshire
Harriett Vines Servant Widow 42 House Servant Greenham, Berkshire
Edward’s daughters Sarah Mills Vines and Sophia Mills Vines are shown in the next census return living with Edward’s older sister Martha who married Thomas Walker, a London wine merchant (information from Vines family webpage).
1851 census – 38 Friar Street, St Lawrence, Reading, Berkshire
                            Reference: HO107/1692 (folio 301, pp. 14–5)
Martha Walker Head Widow 60 Lodging House Keeper Reading, Berkshire
Martha V Walker Daughter Unmarried 37 School Mistress London
Mary Walker Granddaughter 6 Scholar Reading, Berkshire
Mary Gouldsmith Visitor Widow 77   Shoreditch, Middlesex
Mary A Mackness Visitor   12 Scholar Wootten Bassett, Wiltshire
Sarah M Vines Niece   12 Scholar Sherfield, Hampshire
Sophia M Vines Niece   10 Scholar Sherfield, Hampshire
Harriett Lawrence Servant Unmarried 20 General Servant Reading, Berkshire
1861 census – Sherfield Village, Sherfield-on-Loddon, Hampshire     Reference: RG9/710 (folio 81, p. 1)
Edward Vines Head Widower 61 Miller and Farmer Tilehurst, Berkshire
Sarah Mills Vines Daughter Unmarried 22   Sherfield, Hampshire
Sophia Mills Vines Daughter Unm 20   Sherfield, Hampshire
Caroline Poulin Servant Unm 16 Servant Hartley Wintney, Hampshire
Notes: Census day was 7 April 1861. A few months later, on 24 October, Sarah Mills Vines married Richard Whistler.

1871 census – Turnpike Rd, Sherfield-on-Loddon, Hampshire     Reference: RG10/1236 (folio 103, p. 25)
Edward Vines Head Widower 71 Retired Miller Tilehurst, Berkshire
Sophia M Vines Daughter Unm 30 Grocer & General Dealer Sherfield-on-Loddon
1881 census – High St, Odiham, Hampshire     Reference: RG11/1249 (folio 12, p. 17)
John C Vines Head Married 59 Auctioneer & Valuer Caversham, Oxfordshire
Mary A M Vines Wife Married 45   Sherfield, Hampshire
Sarah Vines Daughter Unmarried 20 North Warnborough, Hampshire
Helen G Vines Daughter   13   Odiham, Hampshire
Clara J Vines Daughter   11 Scholar Odiham, Hampshire
Joseph Vines Son   8 Scholar Odiham, Hampshire
Charles J Vines Son   6 Scholar Odiham, Hampshire
Alfred E Vines Son   5 Scholar Odiham, Hampshire
Annie Whistler Niece   15 Farmers Daughter Litchfield Grange,
Note: Mary Ann Mills Vines, the daughter of Edward Vines, married her cousin John Charles Vines in 1857 (webpage: Vines family ; website: FreeBMD). Annie Whistler was the daughter of Mary’s sister Sarah.
The 1881 census form noted that thirteen-year-old Helen had disabilities.

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