The Barr Colony

Destination: Western Canada

The Barr Colony in Newspaper Reports

The Whistler family were among the new Canadians of 1903 who were Barr Colonists.

The progress of the Barr Colony was followed in both the Canadian and British press. Some selected newspaper transcripts are given here.

22 September 1902 The Times, London
A letter to the editor, by the Revd George Lloyd, inviting readers to consider the opportunities in Western Canada.
21 March 1903 The Globe, Toronto
Mr. Barr’s Colony – Several Have Had Experience in Australia and New Zealand – A Reply to Those who Criticize the Location Selected
7 April 1903 Manitoba Free Press, Winnipeg
Barr Colony Land Grant Trebled in Area – Forty Townships Reserved for All British Party, the Advance Guard of Which Passed Through Winnipeg Last Night
The Whistler family were travelling with the ‘advance guard’ described in this news clipping.
14 April 1903 The Globe, Toronto
Barr Colony Trains Pass through Ottawa

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