The Family of William Whistler of Basingstoke

The Family of William Whistler of Basingstoke in Census Returns

Basingstoke Townsfolk

Census returns, maintained by The National Archives, can be viewed at the Ancestry family history website.
Note: In the 1841 census, the age was rounded down to the nearest five for those aged 15 or over.

Name Age   Occupation Born in County?
1841 census – Fords Buildings, Basingstoke     Reference: HO107/385/5
William Whistler 50 Labourer Y
Elizabeth Whistler 50   Y
Charles Whistler 23   Y
Harriet Whistler 20   Y
Sarah Whistler 13   Y
Note: A photograph of Ford’s Buildings, ‘which stood close to the Victory roundabout’, is in Arthur Attwood, The Illustrated History of Basingstoke, 2001, p. 178.

Name and relation to
Head of household
Age   Occupation Birth Place
1851 census – Brook Street, Basingstoke     Reference: HO107/1681 (folio 217, p. 5)
William Whistler Head Married 66 Ag Labourer Basingstoke, Hampshire
Eliza Whistler Wife Married 60   Baughurst, Hampshire
Harriott Whistler Daughter Unmarried 28   Basingstoke, Hampshire
Sarah Whistler Daughter Unmarried 22   Basingstoke, Hampshire
Notes: William Whistler and Elizabeth Hood were married at Monk Sherborne on 12 October 1811. Elizabeth, the daughter of Simon and Sarah Hood, was baptised at Baughurst on 13 March 1791. Her brother John Hood was baptised at Baughurst on 16 January 1785 (Hampshire Baptism Index 1752–1812, Hampshire Genealogical Society CD).

1861 census – Church St, Basingstoke     Reference: RG9/708 (folio 49, pp. 9–10)
Elizabeth Whistler Head Widow 72 Formerly Laundress Baughurst, Hampshire
Harriett Whistler Daughter Unmarried 41 Laundress Basingstoke
William Coldrey Lodger Married 30 Labourer Basingstoke
Sarah Coldrey Lodger Married 33   Basingstoke
William Coldrey     6   Basingstoke
John Coldrey     2   Basingstoke
Charles Coldrey     10 days Basingstoke
Notes: Harriett’s sister Sarah Whistler married William Coldrey on 24 December 1853 at St Michael’s Church, Basingstoke.
As census day was 7 April 1861 this suggests that baby Charles, the grandson of Elizabeth Whistler, was born on 28 March 1861.

1871 census – Church St, Basingstoke     Reference: RG10/1234 (folio 53, p. 12)
Harriet Whistler Head Unmarried 51 Laundress Basingstoke
Mary Smith Lodger Unm 42 Laundress Basingstoke
John Coldrey Nephew   12 Scholar Basingstoke
Charles Coldrey Nephew   10 Scholar Basingstoke
Giles E Soper Lodger Unm 19 Smith Basingstoke
1881 census – 16 Elbow Corner N. Side, Basingstoke
                    Reference: RG11/1254 (folio 119, p. 33)
Harriet Whistler Head Widow 63   Basingstoke
Charles Coldrey Nephew Unm 20 Labourer Basingstoke
Note: The evidence is that Harriet Whistler never married.

Life in Kent
William and Charles, two sons of William and Elizabeth Whistler of Basingstoke, both settled in the Dartford district of Kent.

William Whistler and Family
1851 census – Green Street Green, Darenth, Kent     Reference: HO107/1607 (folio 610, p. 19)
William Whistler Head Married 36 Maltster journeyman Basingstoke, Hampshire
Harriott Whistler Wife Married 30   Herriard, Hampshire
Jane Whistler Daughter   3   Darenth, Kent
Ann Whistler Daughter   1   Darenth, Kent
George Morgan Lodger Widower 60 Ag Lab Darenth, Kent
William Morgan Lodger’s
  9 Scholar Darenth, Kent
William Munday Lodger   17 Ag Lab Herriard, Hampshire
Notes: Ag Lab was the ubiquitous agricultural labourer.
Harriet, the daughter of George and Jane Munday, was baptised at Herriard on 16 April 1820. Her younger brother William Munday was baptised at Herriard on 4 August 1833 (Hampshire Baptism Index 1813–1841, Hampshire Genealogical Society CD).

1861 census – Green Street Green, Darenth, Kent
                    Reference: RG9/468 (folios 12–13, pp. 20–1)
William Whistler Head Married 46 Maltster Basingstoke, Hampshire
Harriott Whistler Wife Married 40   Herriard, Hampshire
Jane Elizabeth
Daughter   14 Servant Darenth, Kent
Notes: In the 1871 census William Whistler, now a widower, was employed as a gardener, living in Green Street Green at the household of Constantine Wood. The same census page showed his daughter Jane Whistler, aged 24, living at a neighbouring household (reference RG10/885; folio 94, p. 18).

Charles Whistler and Family
1851 census – Wheelers Arms, Dartford, Kent     Reference: HO107/1607 (folio 439, p. 38)
Charles Whistler Head Married 33 Beer Retailer Basingstoke, Hampshire
Sarah Whistler Wife Married 30   Basingstoke, Hampshire
Elizabeth Whistler Daughter   2   Dartford, Kent
Harriott Whistler Daughter   1   Dartford, Kent
1861 census – Gas Lane, Dartford, Kent     Reference: RG9/467 (folio 91, p. 36)
Charles Whistler Head Married 45 Lab in Brewhouse Dartford, Kent
Sarah Whistler Wife Married 39   Dartford, Kent
Harriott Whistler Daughter   11 Scholar Dartford, Kent
Charles Whistler Son   9 Scholar Dartford, Kent
Emily Whistler Daughter   7 months Dartford, Kent
Note: For Charles and Sarah, the reported birthplace of Dartford appears incorrect. Other records state that they were both born in Basingstoke. Their son Charles Whistler was baptised at St Michael’s Church, Basingstoke, on 16 November 1851.

1871 census – 48 Waterside, Dartford, Kent     Reference: RG10/885 (folio 30, p. 9)
Charles Whistler Head Married 54 Emp in Brewery Basingstoke, Hampshire
Sarah Whistler Wife Married 49   Basingstoke, Hampshire
Emily Whistler Daughter   10 Scholar Dartford, Kent
Henry Whistler Son   8 Scholar Dartford, Kent
Notes: Charles, the elder Whistler son, was a boarder in another Dartford household as shown next.
1871 census – 4 Marsh Street, Dartford, Kent     Reference: RG10/884 (folio 21, p. 36)
John Clifford Head Married 36 Farm Bailiff Lenham, Kent
Mary A Clifford Wife Married 30   Otterden, Kent
Fredrick Clifford Son   6 Scholar Isle of Sheppey, Kent
George S Clifford Son   4   Lenham, Kent
Emma Clifford Daughter   2   Cooling, Kent
Charles Whistler Boarder Unm 20 Waggoner Hampshire
Thomas Green Boarder Unm 52 Waggoner’s Mate Wakering, Essex

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