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Basingstoke to Dartford

On 12 October 1811 William Whistler of Basingstoke and Elizabeth Hood were married at Monk Sherborne, the bride’s home village near Basingstoke (1). It appears that William was the nephew of Edward Whistler, a butcher of Old Basing, who died in 1817.

William and Elizabeth Whistler made their home in Basingstoke. Sons William and Charles were baptised, respectively, on 28 November 1813 and 3 January 1817 at St Michael’s Church, Basingstoke. Their daughters were Harriet, baptised on 18 July 1819, and Sarah, baptised on 2 September 1827. Two sons, Henry and David, died in infancy.

Charles Whistler married Sarah, the daughter of William Cooper, at Old Basing on 26 November 1842. His older brother William Whistler celebrated his wedding to Harriet Munday at the village of Herriard on 28 May 1846.

The Whistler brothers, William and Charles, both settled in the Dartford district of Kent, attracted by work in the brewing industries. The opening of the railway to Dartford in 1849 encouraged many newcomers to settle in the area. The breweries, supplied by the hops grown in the Darent Valley, were a major Dartford employer (2).

A memorial stone at East Hill Cemetery, Dartford, Kent
to the memory of
the beloved wife of
who died September 9th 1877,
aged 57 years.

Also the above named
who died March 6th 1881
aged 64 years.

The battle of our life is brief
the alarm, the struggle, the relief
then sleep we side by side

This stone was erected
by their two children
who died [October 25th] 1918

Photograph and memorial inscription by Phil Taylor at Find A Grave .

Appendix: The Family of William Whistler of Basingstoke in Census Returns


(1) Exactly one year later, on 13 October 1812, Sarah Whistler, possibly William’s sister, became the wife of John Hood(s) at a wedding in Basingstoke. The signature of William Whistler in the 1811 Monk Sherborne marriage record matches the signature of William Whistler who was a witness at the 1812 Basingstoke marriage of Sarah Whistler.

(2) Dartford history online.

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