Whistler Family - Sherborne St John - Census

The Whistler Family of Sherborne St John in Census Returns

Craftsmen of Aldermaston and Sherborne St John

Census returns, maintained by The National Archives, can be viewed at the Ancestry family history website.
Note: In the 1841 census, the age was rounded down to the nearest five for those aged 15 or over.

Name Age   Occupation Born in County?
1841 census – Weybrook Cottage, Sherborne St John     Reference: HO107/386/10 (folio 4, p. 3)
John Whistler 30 Painter N
Ann Whistler 30   N
John Whistler 10   Y
Henry Whistler 8   Y
Notes: In 1841 Ann, the twelve-year-old daughter of John and Ann Whistler, was a school girl at a boarding school located on New Street, Basingstoke (census reference: HO107/385/6, folio 8, p. 11).
The house is likely not the Weybrook Cottage, West End or The Forge, built in the early 18th century, described in the Conservation Area Appraisal Sherborne St John prepared by the Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council in 2004.

Name and relation to
Head of household
Age   Occupation Birth Place
1851 census – West End, Sherborne St John     Reference: HO107/1681 (folio 298, p. 26)
John Whistler Head Married 45 Plumber & Glazier Master
Employing 4 Men
Aldermaston, Berkshire
Ann Whistler Wife Married 45   Theale, Berkshire
Ann Whistler Daughter Unmarried 22   Theale, Berkshire
John Whistler Son Unmarried 20 Plumber’s Son Sherborne St John
Henry Whistler Son Unmarried 18 Plumber’s Son Sherborne St John
Note: A picture of the Whistler family home, Wellington Villas (nos. 21 & 23 West End) , from the Images of England online database can be viewed. The house was described as ‘a pair of small red brick boxes in the final Georgian manner, semi-detached, but presently made one for a growing family; with the builder’s yard at the back’ (see Laurence Whistler, The Laughter and the Urn, 1985, p. 2).

1861 census – West End, Sherborne St John     Reference: RG9/710 (folio 113, p. 29)
John Whistler Head Married 55 Builder Aldermaston, Berkshire
Ann Whistler Wife Married 54   Theale, Berkshire
Ann Whistler Daughter Unmarried 32   Theale, Berkshire
Henry Whistler Son Unmarried 28   Sherborne St John
    adjoining house:
John Whistler Head Married 30 Decorator Sherborne St John
Sarah Whistler Wife Married 21   London
1871 census – Sherborne St John       Reference: RG10/1236 (folio 113, p. 12)
Ann Whistler Head Widow 64 Annuitant Theale, Berkshire
    adjoining house:
John Whistler Head Married 40 Builder & Decorator,
Employs 14 Men + 2 Boys
Sherborne St John
Sarah Whistler Wife Married 29   Tottenham Court Road,
John Whistler Son   9 Scholar Sherborne St John
William Whistler Son   8 Scholar Sherborne St John
Kate Whistler Daughter   6 Scholar Camden Town, London
Henry Whistler Son   5 Scholar Sherborne St John
Arthur Whistler Son   2   Sherborne St John
Herbert Whistler Son   1   Sherborne St John
Kate Mundy Servant Unmarried 18 Servant Domestic Ashe, Hampshire
1881 census – West End, Sherborne St John     Reference: RG11/1256 (folio 100, p. 11)
Ann Whistler Head Widow 77 Builder’s Widow Theale, Berkshire
    adjoining house:
John Whistler Head Married 50 Plumber & Decorator Sherborne St John
Sarah Whistler Wife Married 39   London
John Whistler Son Unmarried 19 Painter Sherborne St John
William Whistler Son Unmarried 18 School Teacher Sherborne St John
Kate Whistler Daughter Unmarried 16 School Teacher Sherborne St John
Henry Whistler Son   14 Apprentice Plumber Sherborne St John
Arthur Whistler Son   13 Scholar Sherborne St John
Herbert F. Whistler Son   11 Scholar Sherborne St John
Emmeline Whistler Daughter   6 Scholar Sherborne St John
Walter E. Whistler Son   4 Scholar Sherborne St John
Arthur Michell Servant   13 Cow Boy London
1891 census – West End, Sherborne St John     Reference: RG12/959 (folio 54, p. 9)
John Whistler Head Married 60 Builder & Decorator Sherborne St John
Sarah Whistler Wife Married 49   London
Emmeline Whistler Daughter   16 Scholar Sherborne St John
Ernest Whistler Son   14 Scholar Sherborne St John
Note: The adjoining house was unoccupied.

1901 census – West End, Sherborne St John     Reference: RG13/1110 (folio 57, p. 9)
Sarah Ann Whistler Head Widow 60 Living on own means London
Henrietta Kate Whistler Granddaughter 6   Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Alice Eccott Servant   15 Servant Basing
Note: Henrietta was the daughter of William and Sarah Kate Whistler. On census day she was visiting her grandmother.
The adjoining house was occupied by the builder Henry Baker as shown next.
Henry Baker Head Married 42 Builder Odiham, Hampshire
Emma Lizzie Baker Wife Married 43   Odiham, Hampshire
Moses Everett Father-
Widower 82   Odiham, Hampshire
Beatrice Ruth Locke Servant   13 General Domestic
Abbotstone, Hampshire
Notes: On 20 October 1816 Charles Everett and Elizabeth Goddard were married at Heckfield (Hampshire Marriage Index CD, Hampshire Genealogical Society). Moses, the son of Charles and Elizabeth Everett, was baptised at Odiham on 17 September 1820 (the surname was transcribed as Everard in the Hampshire Baptism Index CD, Hampshire Genealogical Society).

The Children of John and Sarah Whistler of Sherborne St John in Census Returns

Name and relation to
Head of household
Age   Occupation Birth Place
1901 census – Union Road, Beverley, Yorkshire     Reference: RG13/4461 (folio 42, p. 17)
William W Whistler Head Married 38 Schoolmaster:
    Secondary School
Sherborne St John
Sarah K Whistler Wife Married 33   Sherborne St John
John W Whistler Son   4 Narberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Harold W Whistler Son   2 Narberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Notes: A social occasion in Sherborne St John on 9 August 1893 was the wedding of William Whistler and Sarah Kate, the daughter of William Ilsley, a farmer at Brick Kiln Farm in Sherborne St John. On census day Henrietta, the six-year-old daughter of William and Sarah Kate Whistler, was visiting her grandmother in Sherborne St John. The Whistler family emigrated to Canada in 1903.

1901 census – Weybrook Farm, Sherborne St John     Reference: RG13/1110 (folio 56, p. 8)
Charles Portsmouth Head Married 31 Farmer Sherborne St John
Kate Ann Portsmouth Wife Married 35   London
Kathleen Madge
Daughter   7   Sherborne St John
Esther Grace Portsmouth Daughter   5   Sherborne St John
Charles John Portsmouth Son   3   Sherborne St John
William Moody Uncle Single 72 Living on own means Bradford, Wiltshire
Mary Ann Epiphania
Governess Single 44 Governess London
Alice Brooker Servant Single 17 Domestic Servant Sherborne St John
James Gardener Servant Single 37 Carter Tiverton, Devon
Notes: The wedding of Charles Portsmouth and Kate Ann Whistler took place in Sherborne St John on 22 September 1892. In the marriage register Kate Ann Whistler was described as a schoolmistress of Sherborne St John. Charles succeeded his father Richard Portsmouth as the farmer of Weybrook Farm. The history of the Portsmouth Family in census returns can be viewed.
Charles and Kate Portsmouth and their children emigrated to Canada in the early 1900s and joined Kate’s brother William Whistler in Mission in the Fraser Valley near Vancouver, British Columbia.

1901 census – Chingford Green, Chingford, Essex     Reference: RG13/1637 (folio 47, p. 36)
Henry Whistler Head Married 34 Auctioneer &
    Building Contractor
Sherborne, Hampshire
Helen Whistler Wife Married 31   Valley End, Surrey
Jessie Whistler Daughter   7 months Chingford, Essex
Lena Whistler
Sister Single 26   Sherborne, Hampshire
Ellen Pittianse Servant Single 23 General Servant Domestic Spain (British Subject)
1901 census – 1 Prospect Place, St Aubin’s Road, St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands
                        Reference: RG13/5314 (folio 92, p. 1)
Matilda Le Quesne Head Widow 58 Living on own means St Mary, Jersey
John G Le Quesne Son Married 27   St Mary, Jersey
Annie L Le Quesne Wife Married 21   St Mary, Jersey
Rachel A Le Moignan Visitor Widow 62   St Mary, Jersey
Frederick H Whistler
  [Herbert Frederick]
Boarder Single 31 Schoolmaster England
1901 census – 4 London Rd, Grantham, Lincolnshire     Reference: RG13/3055 (folio 77, p. 28)
Ernest W. Whistler
  [Ernest Walter]
Head Married 24 Wine & Spirit Merchant Sherborne, Hampshire
Florence Whistler Wife Married 23   Grantham, Lincolnshire
Louisa Nixon Servant Single 17 General Servant Domestic Ancaster, Lincolnshire
1901 census – 4 Carlyle Rd, Alverstoke, Gosport, Hampshire     Reference: RG13/1010 (folio 29, p. 1)
Rose Whistler Wife Married 28   Gosport, Hampshire
Phylis Whistler Daughter   1   Gosport, Hampshire
Notes: Rose’s husband Arthur Whistler, aged 33, was located in the 1901 census in service with the Royal Navy as a Colour Sergeant. On census day 31 March 1901 he was a crew member on board His Majesty’s Ship Majestic stationed at Gibraltar (census reference: RG13/5327, folio 107, p. 38).
The next transcribed census return shows Arthur Whistler’s daughter Gladys living with her maternal grandparents.
1901 census – 15 Church Road, Alverstoke, Gosport, Hampshire     Reference: RG13/1012 (folio 68, p. 22)
Henry Howe Head Married 50 Shipwright Gosport, Hampshire
Mary H Howe Wife Married 50   Gosport, Hampshire
Gertrude Howe Daughter Single 26   Gosport, Hampshire
Sarah Howe Daughter Single 25   Gosport, Hampshire
Harry Howe Son Single 23 Brazier; Brass worker Gosport, Hampshire
Gladys Whistler Granddaughter 3   Gosport, Hampshire

1911 census – Bryher, Court Road, Eltham, Kent     (findmypast.co.uk)
Henry Whistler Head Married 44 Building Contractor Sherborne St John
Helen Frances Mary
Wife Married 41   Valley End, Surrey
Jessie Frances Whistler Daughter   10 School Chingford, Essex
Denis Amor Whistler Son   7   Eltham, Kent
Reginald John Whistler Son   5   Eltham, Kent
Alice Grant   Single 19 General Servant (Domestic) New Charlton, Kent
1911 census – Law Courts, The Castle, Winchester     (findmypast.co.uk)
Arthur Joseph
Head Married 44 Marine Pensioner,
Hall Keeper & Caretaker
of Assize Courts
Sherborne St John
Rose Whistler Wife Married 40   Gosport, Hampshire
Gladys Rose Whistler Daughter   13 School Gosport, Hampshire
Phyllis Sarah Whistler Daughter   11 School Gosport, Hampshire
Arthur John Pendragon
Son   3 months Winchester, Hampshire
Florence Yarney Servant Single 18 Domestic Servant Winchester, Hampshire
Daisy Agnes Gaines Servant Single 16 Domestic Servant Basingstoke, Hampshire
1911 census – Rouen House, Longueville, St Saviour, Jersey     (findmypast.co.uk)
Frederick Herbert
Head Married 41 Head Teacher
St Paul’s National Schools
Sherborne St John
Blanche Whistler Wife Married 41   Cardiff, Glamorganshire
Reginald Hector Whistler Son   6   St Clements, Jersey
Dorothy Mona Whistler Daughter   4   St Clements, Jersey
The census form noted that Blanche’s father was born in Dublin.

1911 census – Les Arches, Jersey     (findmypast.co.uk)
Henry Paul Lamy Head Married 38 Farmer St Clement, Jersey
Emmeline Sarah Lamy Wife Married 36   Hampshire, England
Henry Lamy Son   2   St Clement, Jersey
Emmeline Grace Lamy Daughter   under one month St Clement, Jersey
Paul Marie Servant Married 40 Farm Labourer France (Resident)
Rachel Ahier Nurse Widow 68 Nurse (monthly) St Helier, Jersey
Dorothy H Shilcock Servant Single 14 Nurse (sick) England
Jeanne Olivier Servant Single 18 Housemaid (Domestic) France (Resident)
Sarah Ann Whistler Mother-
Widow 69 Private Means England
The census form noted that Henry Paul Lamy’s father was born in France.

1911 census – 57-58 Westgate, Grantham, Lincolnshire     (findmypast.co.uk)
Henry Richardson Head Married 68 Inn Keeper & Blacksmith Grantham, Lincolnshire
Elizabeth Richardson Wife Married 67   Manchester
Ernest Richardson Son Single 27 Engineer Pattern Maker Grantham, Lincolnshire
Mrs Whistler Daughter Married 34   Grantham, Lincolnshire
Harold Whistler Grandson   9   Grantham, Lincolnshire
Doris Whistler Granddaughter 6   Newcastle
Vera Whistler Granddaughter 11 months Grantham, Lincolnshire
Note: Ernest Walter Whistler, the father of the children, was away on census day – possibly travelling on business – as shown next.
1911 census – 7 Southgate St, Leicester, Leicestershire     (findmypast.co.uk)
Eliza Jenkinson Head Widow 54 Shopkeeper - Grocery Ilkeston, Derbyshire
Elizabaeth Maud
Daughter Single 30 Boot Lace Hand Ilkeston, Derbyshire
Mary Ellen Tomlinson Daughter Single 29 German Seamer
Shirts & Pants
Annie Tomlinson Daughter Single 27 Pasting Socks [insoles]
for Shoes
Ernest Walter Whistler Boarder Married 34 Export Agent - Typewriters Sherborne, Hampshire

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