The George Hotel, Amesbury

The George Hotel (Inn), Amesbury
The George Hotel in Census Returns

Bill from the George Hotel, Amesbury

John Wheeler was the manager of the George from the late 1870s to the early 1890s
(see the record in census returns).
Displayed is an invoice issued from the George Hotel, Amesbury, under the management of John Wheeler (the top right shows 18__, but the actual year has not been entered).

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George Hotel, Amesbury
Dr. [debtor] to Jno. [John] Wheeler, Proprietor
Wines and Spirits of the Finest Quality
        £   s. d.
June 1 Supper   1 6
Ginger Beer     3
June 2 Breakfast; Lunch   3 9
Supper   1 6
Ginger Beer     6
June 3 Breakfast   1 9
Bedroom   4 0
Attendance   2 0
__ __
15 3

Items were billed using pounds, shillings and pence (£ s. d.)
In this system, there were 12 pence in a shilling and 20 shillings in a pound.
Therefore, for the two-night stay at the George, the total charge of 15s. 3d. was less than one pound.

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