The George Hotel, Amesbury

The George Hotel (Inn), Amesbury

The George Hotel (Inn), Amesbury in Census Returns

Census returns maintained by the National Archives can be viewed at the Ancestry website.
Note: In the 1841 census, the age was rounded down to the nearest five for those aged 15 or over.

Information from trade directories was accessed at Historical Directories,
University of Leicester Special Collections Online.

Pigot and Co.'s Royal National and Commercial Directory, 1844, named
Edward Hugh Smallbone as the landlord of the George Inn in Amesbury.

Name Age   Occupation Born in County?
1841 census – High Street, Amesbury, Wiltshire     Reference: HO107/1165/2 (folio 20, p. 5)
Edward Smallbone 30 Inn Keeper Y
Mary Smallbone 25   Y
Edward Smallbone 1 month Y
Mary Wright 25 F.S. [female servant] Y
Fanny Fowler 30 F.S. Y
Sarah Dobbs 20 F.S. Y
Fanny Payne 15 F.S. Y
William Witlock 25 M.S. [male servant] Y
Samuel Fowler 35 M.S. Y
William Jenkins 15 M.S. Y
James Blake 25 Farmer Y
Name and relation to
Head of household
Age   Occupation Birth Place
1851 census – Amesbury, Wiltshire     Reference: HO107/1845 (folio 154, p. 5)
Edward Hugh
Head Married 38 Inn Keeper, Farmer
  occupying 60 acres &
  employing 5 labourers
Shrewton, Wiltshire
Mary Ann Smallbone Wife Married 34   Salisbury, Wiltshire
Edwin James
Son   10 Scholar Amesbury, Wiltshire
Marah Hewell Visitor Unmarried 24 Gentlewoman Brixton, Surrey
Mariah Ashley Visitor Unm 24 Gentlewoman Bath, Somerset
Ann Cave Servant Unm 26 Cook Harnham, Wiltshire
Jane Feltham Servant Unm 18 Housemaid Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
David Andrews Servant Unm 26 Postboy Bulford, Wiltshire
George Plank Servant Married 42 Farm Labourer Devizes, Wiltshire
Charles Sturgis Servant Unm 31 Farm Labourer Bulford, Wiltshire
Note: A death notice was printed in the Berkshire Chronicle, 19 June 1858
(British Library Newspapers online):
      June 14, deeply regretted by all who knew him, Edward Hugh Smallbone,
      of the George Inn, Amesbury, aged 45.

Kelly's Post Office Directory of Wiltshire, 1859, listed Edward Davies as operating the "George Hotel, commercial & posting house" at Amesbury. In Kelly's 1867 directory for Amesbury Edward Davies was running the "George Hotel, commercial & posting house, & inland revenue office". The census returns show that the business, which also included a farm, was supervised by Edward in partnership with his two sisters: Eleanor Davies and Elizabeth Davies.

1861 census – George Inn, Amesbury, Wiltshire     Reference: RG9/1311 (folio 61, p. 10)
Eleanor Davies Head Unmarried 48 Inn Keeper
  (Firm and Farmer)
  employing 2 labourers
Elizabeth A Davies Sister Unm 47 Inn Keeper
  (Firm and Farmer)
Edward Davies Brother Unm 43 Inn Keeper
  (Firm and Farmer)
Martha S Mead Servant Unm 27 Cook Swallowcliffe, Wiltshire
Martha Wittick Servant Married 30 Housemaid Homington, Wiltshire
Jane Sawyer Servant Unm 19 Waitress Netheravon, Wiltshire
William Pierce Servant Married 31 Fly Driver Marden, Wiltshire
William Perry Servant Married 48 Carter Shrewton, Wiltshire
Walter Perry Servant Unm 18 Agricultural Labourer Charlton, Wiltshire
1871 census – The George Inn, High Street, Amesbury, Wiltshire
                        Reference: RG10/1945 (folio 13, p. 17)
Edward Davies Head Unmarried 52 Inn Keeper Hereford
Eleanor Davies Sister Unm 57 Inn Keeper Hereford
Elizabeth A Davies Sister Unm 56 Inn Keeper Hereford
Eliza Holmes Servant Unm 18 Domestic Cook Longstreet, Wiltshire
Ellen Gilbert Servant Unm 17 Under Housemaid Berwick St James, Wiltshire
Alice Adlam Servant Unm 27 Housemaid Stapleford, Wiltshire
Rachel F Lumsden Boarder Unm 35 Annuitant Aberdeen
Louisa J Lumsden Boarder Unm 30 Annuitant Aberdeen

In Kelly's Post Office Directory for 1875 the section for Amesbury showed John Wheeler in charge of the "George Hotel commercial & posting house, & inland revenue office".

1881 census – George Hotel, High Street, Amesbury, Wiltshire     Reference: RG11/2064 (folio 73, p. 25)
John Wheeler Head Married 43 Hotel Keeper Bromham, Wiltshire
Phoebe Wheeler Wife Married 44   West Dean, Wiltshire
Louisa Wheeler Daughter   15   Shipton, Hampshire
Mary A Edney Sister-
Unmarried 40 Housekeeper West Dean, Wiltshire
James Burden Servant Unm 20 Fly Driver Oare, Wiltshire
Martha Springford Servant Unm 22 General domestic servant Allington, Wiltshire
Sarah Springford Servant Unm 19 General domestic servant Allington, Wiltshire
1891 census – High Street, Amesbury, Wiltshire     Reference: RG12/1615 (folio 57, p. 15)
John Wheeler Head Married 53 Hotel Proprietor Bromham, Wiltshire
Phoebe Wheeler Wife Married 56   West Dean, Wiltshire
Louisa Wheeler Daughter Single 25   Shipton, Hampshire
Edith A Wheeler Daughter Single 22   Shipton, Hampshire
Mary A Edney Sister-
Single 50   West Dean, Wiltshire
Jane R Wheeler Sister Single 57   Bromham, Wiltshire
Sarah Andrews Servant Single 19 General domestic servant Bulford, Wiltshire
Hephzibah L Netton Servant Single 15 General domestic servant Amesbury, Wiltshire
Jeanie L Musgrave Hotel
Widow 57 Living on her own means United States
William A B
Visitor Single 35 Barrister at law Antigua [West Indies]
Herbert Musgrave Visitor Single 14   South Australia

A Bill from the George Hotel, Amesbury, John Wheeler, Proprietor, can be viewed.

An advertisement in Kelly’s 1898 Directory of Wiltshire named
Melville E Whistler as the manager of The George Hotel in Amesbury.

1901 census – The George Hotel, High Street, Amesbury, Wiltshire
                        Reference: RG13/1949 (folio 66, p. 13)
Melville E Whistler Head Married 32 Hotel Proprietor Brightwalton, Berkshire
Alice Whistler Wife Married 32   Walditch, Dorset
Leslie M Whistler Daughter   2   Amesbury, Wiltshire
Violet Garland Niece   13   Lewell, Dorset
Richard W Boger Visitor Single 32 Captain,
  Royal Field Artillery
Ryde, Isle of Wight
Albert E Fleet Visitor Single 26 Gunner,
  Royal Field Artillery
Worthing, Sussex
Albert Brown Visitor Single 23 Gunner,
  Royal Field Artillery
Bathford, Bath, Somerset
George H Wilkinson Visitor Single 22 Second Lieutenant:
1st Battalion
South Lancashire
St George's Hanover Square,
William Strong Visitor Married 31 Captain &
temporary Major
Royal Field Artillery
Norah K Parsons Visitor   14   Paddington, London
Ida B Williams Visitor Single 27 Freemantle, Southampton, Hampshire  
Beatrice Humphries Servant Single 22 Kitchen maid Devizes, Wiltshire
Maria Baker Servant Single 27 Cook Worcester, Worcestershire
Phenie Kilford Servant Single 17 Waitress Amesbury, Wiltsire
Alice Wooster Servant Single 17 Chambermaid Ireland
Beatrice Dymer Servant Single 15 Nurse Bulford, Wiltshire
James Weeks Servant Single 35 Ostler / Groom Tavistock, Devon
Alfred Perkins Servant Single 21 Groom Towcester, Northampton

In about 1908 the accommodation was expanded with the addition of a new brick wing
(Amesbury, A History of the County of Wiltshire , Vol. 15, Victoria County History).

1911 census – The George Hotel, High Street, Amesbury, Wiltshire
                        Reference: RG14/12073 (schedule no. 104)
Melville E Whistler Head Married 42 Hotel Proprietor Brightwalton, Berkshire
Alice Whistler Wife Married 42 Assisting in business Walditch, Dorset
Leslie Whistler Daughter   12 School Amesbury, Wiltshire
Charles Whistler Son   7   Amesbury, Wiltshire
Jane Wightman Mother-
Widow 66 Widow of Builder Charlton, Shaftesbury
Geoffrey Brooke Boarder Married 27 Lieutenant 16th Lancers Castleknock, Ireland
Veronica Brooke Boarder Married 29   [wife] Czarskoe Selo, Russia
Peter Brooke Boarder   1   [son] Camberley [Surrey]
Bessie Elworthy Servant Single 36 Childrens nurse Ipswich, Suffolk
Annie Eberle Servant Single 26 Ladys maid Germany
Edward Duffus Boarder Married 45 Major R F A
  [Royal Field Artillery]
Nova Scotia [Canada]
(naturalised by parentage)
Helen Duffus Boarder Married 41   [wife] Nova Scotia
Arthur Cotton Boarder Married 37 Major R F A Lucknow, India
(British subject by parentage)
Rose Cotton Boarder Married 35   [wife] Blackheath, Kent
Joan Cotton Boarder   6   [daughter] St Pancras, London
Cecile Payne Servant Single 22 Nurse Cosgrove, Northamptonshire
Cecil Howard Turner Boarder Single 25 Publicity Manager to
Manufacturing Company
Island of Jersey
Leon Verseprey Boarder Single 25 Aviator Paris [France]
Maurice Tabuteau Boarder Married 26 Aviator Paris [France]
Blanche Tabuteau Boarder Married 25   Paris [France]
Dimitri Alexandroff Boarder Single 33 Captain, Russian Navy St Petersburg [Russia]
Charles David
  Ephraim Upton
Boarder Married 35 Captain,
  Army Service Corps
Stapleford Abbotts, Essex
Maude Harvey Upton Boarder Married 38   Margate, Kent
Edward Charles
  Hume Lushington
Boarder Single 28 Captain,
  Army Service Corps
Aurangabad, India
(naturalised by parentage)
Peter Kohler Chef Single 25 Chef at hotel Volklingen, Germany
Kate Lawrence Servant Single 19 Chambermaid Bapton, Warminster [Wiltshire]
Bessie Squires Servant Single 17 Waitress in hotel Sturminster Marshall [Dorset]
Nellie Hibbs Servant Single 17 Housemaid Bere Regis, Dorset
Frances M Kemp Servant Single 21 Waitress in hotel Buttermere, Wiltshire
Arthur E Griffin Servant Single 23 Chauffeur Bournemouth, Hampshire
Annie Thomas Servant Single 25 Chambermaid Lower Chapel, Breconshire
Mary Moulder Servant Single 34 Kitchenmaid King's Cross, London

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