Census Returns: Cornish Family

The Cornish Family in Census Returns

Craftsmen of Aldermaston and Sherborne St John
Destination: Western Canada

In August 1861 Charles Cornish, the son of Robert Cornish, married Ann, the daughter of John Whistler, a builder and decorator of Sherborne St John, Hampshire. Their wedding took place in Camden Town, London.

Census returns, maintained by The National Archives, can be viewed at the Ancestry family history website.
Note: In the 1841 census, the age was rounded down to the nearest five for those aged 15 or over.

Name Age   Occupation Born in County?
1841 census – Laleham, Middlesex     Reference: HO107/718/9 (folio 6, p. 5)
Robert Cornish 45 Drillman N
Susan Cornish 44   N
Samuel Cornish 18   N
William Cornish 16   N
George Cornish 14   N
Sophia Cornish 13   N
Pheboe Cornish 11   N
Frederick Cornish 9   Y
Eliza Cornish 7   Y
Marthann Cornish 6   Y
Charles Cornish 4   Y
Notes: In farming a drillman operated a horse-drawn seed drill for sowing seeds in neat rows, an innovation invented by Jethro Tull who helped bring about the agricultural revolution in England.

Name and relation to
Head of household
Age Occupation Birth Place
1851 census – Wraysbury, Buckinghamshire     Reference: HO107/1718 (folio 252, pp. 8–9)
Robert Cornish Head Married 56 Farmer, 120 acres Bruisyard, Suffolk
Susan Cornish Wife Married 56   Earl Soham, Suffolk
George Cornish Son Unmarried 26   Badingham, Suffolk
Phoebe Cornish Daughter Unm 22   Badingham, Suffolk
Frederick Cornish Son Unm 20 Farmers Son Laleham, Middlesex
Eliza Cornish Daughter Unm 18 Farmers Daughter Laleham, Middlesex
Martha Ann Cornish Daughter Unm 17   Laleham, Middlesex
Charles Cornish Son Unm 14   Laleham, Middlesex
Mary Frances Cornish Granddaughter 8   Thorpe, Surrey
Emma Cornish Niece Unm 22   Bruisyard, Suffolk
1861 census – Locks Farm, Wokingham, Berkshire     Reference: RG9/750 (folio 94, p. 2)
Robert Cornish Head Married 67 Farmer, 215 acres,
2 labourers
Bruisyard, Suffolk
Susan Cornish Wife Married 66   Earl Soham, Suffolk
William Cornish Son Unmarried 38 Farmer Badingham, Suffolk
Charles Cornish Son Unmarried 24 Farmer, 90 acres,
2 labourers
Laleham, Middlesex
Martha Cornish Daughter Unm 26 Lady Laleham, Middlesex
Mary Cornish Niece Unm 18 Lady Thorpe, Surrey
George Crocker Servant Unm 18 Farm Servant Burghfield, Berkshire
James Douglas Servant Unm 18 Farm Servant Wokingham, Berkshire
James Russell Servant Unm 16 Cowman Oakley Green, Berkshire
William Brooker Servant Unm 20 Shepherd Wokingham, Berkshire
1871 census – Warren House Farm, Wokingham, Berkshire     Reference: RG10/1286 (folio 32, p. 8)
Charles Cornish Head Married 33 Farmer of 148 acres
employing 4 laborers
and 2 boys
Laleham, Middlesex
Ann Cornish Wife Married 40   Tilehurst, Berkshire
John Cornish Son   8 Scholar Wokingham, Berkshire
Emmeline A Cornish Daughter   4   Wokingham, Berkshire
Charles Herbert Cornish Son   1   Wokingham, Berkshire
Eliza Bradley Servant Unmarried 14 Domestic servant Heckfield, Hampshire
James Pursey Servant Unm 15 Farm servant Henley, Oxfordshire
James Goddard Servant Unm 14 Farm servant Twyford, Berkshire
1881 census – Ashridge Wood Farm, Wokingham, Berkshire     Reference: RG11/1310 (folio 83, p. 13)
Charles Cornish Head Married 44 Farmer of 148 acres
employing 5 laborers
and 2 boys
Laleham, Middlesex
Anne Cornish Wife Married 50 Farmers Wife Theale, Berkshire
Emmeline A Cornish Daughter   14 Farmers Daughter Wokingham, Berkshire
Charles Herbert Cornish Son   11 Scholar Wokingham, Berkshire
Arthur Henry Cornish Son   9 Scholar Wokingham, Berkshire
Notes: Possibly this was the same farm where the Cornish family were living in the 1871 census.
On the 1881 census form neighbouring homes were named Cornish’s Cottages. Possibly these were the homes of farm workers employed by Charles Cornish.

1891 census – Forelands Farm, New St, Stratfield Saye, Hampshire     Reference: RG12/959 (folio 93, p. 3)
Charles Cornish Head Married 54 Farmer Laleham, Middlesex
Annie Cornish Wife Married 62   Theale, Berkshire
Emmeline A Cornish Daughter Single 24   Wokingham, Berkshire
Arthur H Cornish Son Single 19 Farmer’s Son Wokingham, Berkshire
1901 census – Rookstone Empire Terrace, Margate, Kent     Reference: RG13/821 (folio 106, p. 36)
Anne Cornish Head Widow 72 Living on own means Theale, Berkshire
Emmeline Cornish Daughter Single 34   Wokingham, Berkshire
Notes: The house appears to be near Salmerstone Rise and College Road, Margate.
1901 census – 187 St Ann’s Road, Tottenham, London     Reference: RG13/1254 (folio 70, p. 61)
John R Cornish Head Married 38 Chemist Wokingham, Berkshire
Caroline A Cornish Wife Married 37   Mortimer, Berkshire
Frederick W Ayling Stepson   15 Apprentice Optician Kennington, Surrey
Charles A Cornish Son   6   Tottenham, London
Nina Cornish Daughter   4   Tottenham, London
Edgar J Cornish Son   3   Tottenham, London
Hilda Cornish Daughter   2   Tottenham, London
John H Cornish Son   3 months Tottenham, London
Emma J Warner Servant Single 34 Domestic Long Crendon, Oxfordshire
Notes: On 30 March 1893, at Wandsworth St Faith, London, the wedding took place of John Robert Cornish, a bachelor aged 30, the son of Charles Cornish, a farmer who was deceased, and Caroline Amelia Ayling, a widow aged 29, the daughter of Walter Imlay, a house decorator. The marriage register recorded that John Robert Cornish was a chemist living at 3 Huntsmoor Road (London Parish Records, Ancestry website). Huntsmoor Road no longer exists.

1911 census – Kenilworth, Edith Rd, Ramsgate, Kent     Reference: RG14/4526 (schedule 217)
Anne Cornish Head Widow 82 Private means Theale, Berkshire
Emmeline A Cornish Daughter Single 42   Wokingham, Berkshire
Ethel Gretton Servant Single 15 General Servant Ashford, Kent
1911 census – 187 St Ann’s Road, South Tottenham, Middlesex     Reference: RG14/7293 (schedule 198)
John Robert Cornish Head Married 48 Chemist Optician (Retail) Wokingham, Berkshire
Caroline Amelia Cornish Wife Married 47   Mortimer, Berkshire
Nina Cornish Daughter Single 15   Tottenham, Middlesex
Hilda Cornish Daughter   12 School Tottenham, Middlesex
John Hugh Cornish Son   10   Tottenham, Middlesex
Evelyn Cornish Daughter   5   Tottenham, Middlesex
Notes: There is a record that John R. Cornish of 187 St Ann’s Road, South Tottenham, London was the owner of a painting, Isle of Wight Coast Scene, by the artist George Morland: in background, a ruin on a lofty cliff; in foreground, to left, three men, with their coats off, pulling something ashore; 20 in x 24 in, unsigned, undated (see George Charles Williamson, George Morland; his life and works, 1907, Internet Archive , Appendix III, Proprietors of Paintings by George Morland, p. 140).

The Cornish family decided to make a new life in Canada. Their destination was Lloydminster, a town straddling the Alberta-Saskatchewan provincial border (the destination of Lloydminster was stated for the family on the passenger lists for the ships they travelled on to cross the Atlantic Ocean: Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865–1935, Ancestry website). William Whistler, a cousin of John Robert Cornish, had arrived in the Lloydminster area in 1903 as one of the English colonists who were the pioneer settlers. William had moved on to British Columbia, but his brother-in-law Stanley Ilsley, who had travelled to Canada with the Whistler family, established a farm near Lloydminster (see the chapter Destination: Western Canada).

1916 Canada census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta (Ancestry website)
          Merton, Battle River, Alberta (Section 18, Township 47, Range 1, Meridian 4)
              [Section 18 was west of Meridian 4, the Alberta-Saskatchewan border]
John Robert Cornish Head Married 53 Farmer England
Caroline Amelia Cornish Wife Married 52   England
Charles Arthur C Cornish Son Single 22 Soldier, Farmer’s son England
Nina Cornish Daughter Single 20   England
Edgar Imlay Cornish Son Single 19 Farmer’s son England
Evelyn Cornish Daughter Single 10   England
    Next household
Frederick Walter E
Head Single 30 Farmer England
Notes: The census form recorded that the family were now all Canadian citizens.
The District of Merton was merged into the County of Vermilion River in 1943 (Alberta Gazette , December 31, 1943). The County of Vermilion River includes the Alberta portion of the city of Lloydminster.

The younger brother of John Robert Cornish, Charles Herbert Cornish, settled in Argentina. Some of his sea voyages can be traced. Charles H Cornish, aged 24, was a passenger onboard the steamship Vala, departed London 30 March 1894, sailing for the destination port of Buenos Aires, Argentina (UK, Outward Passenger Lists, 1890-1960, Ancestry online database). After the start of the Great War he made a return visit to England leaving Buenos Aires on the Araguaya of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company and arriving in Liverpool on 23 February 1915 (UK, Incoming Passenger Lists, 1878–1960, Ancestry online database). The ship’s manifest listed his occupation as clerk and his English address as ‘Kenilworth’ Edith Rd, Ramsgate – the home of his mother Anne Cornish who died later in the year. Anne Cornish, aged 84, was buried at St Laurence (Lawrence) Church, Ramsgate on 3 December 1915 (transcribed parish register online). In 1918 Charles Herbert Cornish returned to Buenos Aires, Argentina as a passenger on the Highland Piper of the Nelson Steam Navigation Co Ltd sailing from London on 21 September 1918 (UK, Outward Passenger Lists, 1890–1960, Ancestry online database). The passenger list recorded his occupation as a rancher.
Cyril Herbert Ainscough Cornish, the son of Charles H Cornish and May Yeomans, born 1 September 1900, was baptised 21 October 1900 in the Methodist Episcopal Church in Buenos Aires (British Settlers in Argentina website).

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